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    • Today, a day to stop and say, Hi! Oh I wonder why, everyone reaching for the Sky!, tears form within my eyes. Questing to acquire more, such a laborious chore, humanities left outside the door. Driving about in shinny cars, display of clout, Today, I SHOUT —- HI. This, wonder why, even try defy, absent of Hi. See with both eyes, so to realize and surmise the fate of man, without the raising of a hand!.

    • Deep growings,
      Deep partings.

      The oars of the boat wade the ocean.

      Cycling between tears of greetings,
      and tears of departure.

      One future story told, by the goings and partings of tears.

      Like the air graces the ocean, and the sand braces your feet.
      Two beings coincide, greeting, meeting, but never encompassing the other.

    • You humble me

      Michael Dotson
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