Her end to a begining

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  • Her end to a begining

    • She knows she’ll get all that she wants Only if she tries
      But what if she wants to let them go
      Or on a distance
      for she wants to live for something.
      She is fed up of a swim for fun
      She wants to dive to search
      A search of life
      A search of joy
      And even then she wants to get lost
      Maybe she wants to dive deep
      So deep that when she comes back to the shores,
      The light blinds her and the air chokes her for the dive couldn’t do it.
      Maybe the sand will engulf her
      For one thing is sure it has to one day
      When her brain stops working
      When her heart stops beating
      Then she’ll go up
      As up as she always wanted to
      Above the highest peak
      Above the clouds
      Above where there is no air
      For she doesn’t need it anymore
      Now all she wants is
      That the left behind always smile. They shall always be in joy
      For she has never been in so
      She had just been alive
      Never live.
      Maybe now she’ll live
      Maybe now she’ll fly
      For she is away and free
      For now she can be she.

    • As fast as I blow away, I am reborn.
      Leaves are blades of hope, in seasons of time.

      Hold me to my tree my love.
      So swiftly I am blown away.

      Hold me now, as I am, a tree on an island.
      No roots to ground me.

      But as you behold, I decay.
      But as you behold, behold me.
      For I am one with the ground that gave me life and gives you life.

      Find me now as part of the forest, and part of the stars, and yes part of you now.

      Behold I am born forever, in the connection of my very existence, to the eyes of love upon me

      I am your frame to appreciate, do not pass me by.

      I am your forest now too, and your tree, and your chemical life, and the life of this planet.

      Join me as we both are connected in our web of blowing leaves, smiling as we pass in the wind.

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