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  • Friendship

    • You came along one day
      With a smile on your face
      And I asked you to stay
      You challenged me to a race
      That was the beginning of our days

      We pick fruit from trees
      And fled from the bees
      We raced with the monkeys holding our dear berries
      Until we were caught by the forest guard who fined us for our release
      There goes our dear berries

      One fine day we went to a riverside
      And caught fish for which we had to abide
      Night fall came and left us lost
      We lit a fire to escape the Frost

      We heard a rumble, here comes the rhino
      I said amigo
      Let’s climb up a tree
      We rested a while falling asleep
      You called out saying you need to pee
      I said hold it or we’ll have to weep

      It dawned soon
      Together we went to our camp
      The fish was untouched like a boon
      You fished more
      Alas the current was too strong
      Even for your hands like an oar
      Even for me who waited on this Bank lifelong

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