Fatel Razack 1845

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  • Fatel Razack 1845

    • Across the atlantic to the sugar estate
      a new recruit travels to see what mystery awaits
      to replace the rootcrops of Africa with the new spice
      the voyage to the new world they brought some rice

      through strong winds and heavy rains they sailed all night
      to play the music of their culture and look for the light
      an unforgettable journey that will print in the mind
      one in search of treasure leaving all comfort behind

      the motherland of their birth they are forced to forsake
      what great disaster await to realize their own mistake
      the signs of struggling with the wave
      means that their lives they must save

      the tides will turn when they will arrive
      to understand what it really means to survive
      to the ocean they will never return to see tomorrow
      for now they must look ahead and remove any sorrow.

      sookdeo manansingh
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