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  • Departure

    • Miss you alot
      When I laugh I think about you
      You were curioua to here my laughter
      We have spent a little time
      But that time I feel myself so happy,so fortunate
      I paray to allmighty
      Keep you with me always
      Your friendship was only for few days
      But i feel a whole journey in that,
      You are still in my all deapths
      I pray allmighty
      To keep you with me always
      You met me in rains
      And first time in my life
      I live in every drop of rain
      But suddenly
      Weather have been changed
      Rains stopped and autumn came again
      And you left me without any justification
      Perhaps, our relationship was only for rains
      Now i hate rains
      I really hate you alot,

      Rizwana shaikh
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