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  • Come home

    • I don’t want your money,
      I don’t want you to open your wallet to buy me roses or to buy me dinner,
      I want the most expensive thing you have,
      I want your time,
      I want you to pick up the phone when I call you,

      It was never money for me,
      Remember when we were two broke 12 year olds with absolutely no money,
      I wanna go back to that,
      I wanna see that smile on your face,
      That passion in your eyes,
      I don’t want you to slave your life away,
      I want you to enjoy it with me,

      I wanna dance with you,
      I wanna sing with you,
      I wanna be those two drunk 20 year olds dancing on the club floor,
      Without a care in the world,

      Remember our first fight,
      We yelled at each other,
      But then we were quiet,
      One sentence that’s all we could get out before we shunned ourselves,
      Because that fight wasn’t worth seeing the pain in the others eyes,

      So when I say come home,
      Don’t tell me your earning money for us,
      Come home means come home,
      Sit down,
      Watch a movie with me,
      And between the two of us share a nice bottle of wine

      Sabene Rizvi
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