Coconuts and Bananas

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  • Coconuts and Bananas

    • I keep having these dreams..
      With long lasting effects..
      Sometimes clear and well detailed…
      Other times,confusing and haunting
      I’m either chased by an animal with three horns
      Or the mad woman i saw in Abba market, last December. And after running till i can’t feel my legs.I give in,isurrender to the mad woman and the animal with three horns

      I keep having these dreams
      I’m on an island
      I’m eating nothing but coconuts and bananas, doing the monkey dance,and at night i soak myself in the ocean,sit by a fire and tell myself bedtime stories

      I keep having this dreams, you’re mine, you’re not
      You’re here, you’re gone
      You’re clear,you’re blurry
      I can feel your heart pumping blood..but i can’t feel your pale face and wipe away your tears
      I’m falling asleep in your arms,I’m waking up to your absence and a little note that reads
      “Yours to keep”

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