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  • city scape

    • Looking out of the window
      you can see other windows
      pots and plants the sky bows
      the grill and the wire the glass rows
      slants the balconies roofs grow
      the blue plastic practical show

      Your gaze moves up to free
      the clouds that are soft castles
      amidst a grand farm barks bristles
      with lovely green grass and ear whistles
      or stalks of sugarcane and yonder be
      the mountain rising calling climb me

      Impassive and young shoes
      the rocky grips promise
      two feet of safety crevice
      when you get to the cave that is
      light a little fire get some views
      drink hot tea water first you choose

      now you have to walk down
      the rain is pelting furious
      cant see much the wet air contiguous
      a caress as you goose bump into awareness
      walking out of the river pretense shorn
      standing at the window wooden brown

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