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    • *Once a friend but now a foe
        The one that left me pained from head to toe.

      *Through the storms I’d think of you
        How the clouds would change from grey to blue.

      *Through paths where once we walked I’d trail
        Remembering how you broke me,left me weak and frail.

      *Curses upon thy wretched soul I’d pray
      Wishing that my foe wouldn’t pass the day.

      *Years spent in trust with you my friend
      Thrown away by you so your life must end.

      *Memories relived while soaked in tears
      Now dried and burnt over the years.

      *Hardened and made to a pile of woods
      On which my foe will lie when he does all but broods.

      *Like in my mind there shall be winds and lightening
      Tears lost over the years hath drained the rains and left not a drop hanging.

      *The heat of my hate shall start a fire
      So lie still my foe so that it may ignite your pyre.

      *With a sickening howl the wind shall blow your ashes
      Though in pain my smile shall be illuminated by lightening as it flashes.

      *Only then will my grudge fade
        And the debt you owe shall have been paid.

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