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  • believe to achieve

    • To model the role of a beggar on stage
      gives me the wisdom to live as a sage
      i find peace within myself
      when the audience listens to my cry
      before the curtain comes down to the floor
      it grieves me to wave goodbye

      without a penny to my name
      i will survive the storm with the little i get
      with humility i discipline
      my mind to be patient
      and to live without any regret
      the torn garments to shield my faith
      is better than the robe
      which is stain
      whatever brings contentment to my heart
      i need not a palace to gain

      to abandon all relationships
      in exchange for the space of a hermit
      i choose to follow
      the path of renunciation
      and to live within the means
      of what nature will permit
      the sacrifice to struggle
      will enable my soul to succeed
      i am free from every desire
      except to seek alms to fulfill my need

      with empty hands
      i came into this world
      and with nothing i shall leave
      the joyfulness of the wind
      to keep me awake so that
      all my dreams
      can be achieve

      sookdeo manansingh
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