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  • Attrition

    • Perpetuated Attrition, lack of ambition ignoring intuition, imminent abuse so obtuse, tighten the noose. Never to be free, roots of the money tree. Scrape and grind, vague attempts to be sublime. Scenes of the crime, defined by momentum of the times. Laughter by jesters, watching their world fester, molesters of land and man, misguided grandmaster of the band, for this we should not stand, for our roots rot, such an ignorant plot!.

    • Soil may spoil,
      As roses will seed.

      Truth takes time,
      For crimes in need.

      Horizons lament the rotating seasons.

      But horizons don’t exist,
      They are only percieved.

      Quiver not, the pain is suffering.

      Take care to plow the garden at your shadow.

    • Man 👍

      Michael Dotson
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