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    • (ARM–AG/E/DDEN)–The (AGE) that (EDEN) is (ARM)Ed! Is that now? People, Nations and Neighborhoods all armed to the tvvth, how I do beseech all, to help clean this (Shit) off the (Wall)¡ Come-on you all! Let’s be the Damnest thing EDEN ever saw! We can do our part, have a HEART! The time now is not of war, that’s for sure! A Time of peace, space exploration, not for one but all Nations and Relations, a celebration to reach to the Stars in the fastest of cars, it can be done, let’s have some fun, there’s no rabbit with a gun! Damn people get in the stepples and have a drink or two and occasionally act-a-fool if that’s cool and smoke your weed too! Just an IDEA! would like to toss around to the pound, here’s how I would like to get-down! Just a Thought, that’s all on how to clean this (Shit) off the (Wall) by being the Damnest thing EDEN ever saw! Let me drop your jaw, reach out and drop the weapons/war on the ground, for it has a flaw! (Be the First Nation to achieve this celebration, it take GUTS and a BIG pair of NUTS to simply say, we are done with WAR, weapons will be no more, here today we declare to no longer play in that game for it only brings shame! Pain, blood and loss that grows over EDEN like a moss! Who will be the first Nation to lead the way, so that we may forever stay, whatdaya say or frig it, push the buttons and letem fly so we all can die! Or Trust in the (G)ama the (O)mega and the (D)elta and let’s get this party started! Before we all end up broken hearted once again all for the same Sin/War! Look back in time so to find the flaw that’s all! Bi ;)– you-all!

      Michael Dotson/Mama Bee
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