are you sure they need you?

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  • are you sure they need you?

    • it’s Christmas night and the red cars are gone to spread the Santa’s bottles
      all the people are looking out the window to see the lights and heard the bells ringing
      the gates of magic will open, and the elves will bring the presents under the Christmas tree

      hey, you forgot to worship in the holy place. the child was born here
      and the king of the world will bring peace to the earth. the three magicians went a long way to worship him
      was born to show you that everything is possible through giving. devoting yourself.

      the world is making the latest preparations for the Christmas meal. everything is clean, aligned, orderly
      Moms and dads look happy, everything is ready, beautifully wrapped gifts
      only the moon was looking out the window. looks sad. her light shines on each fir tree

      love, dedication, exaltation … words full of the gratitude of the gift’s slaves. we will pass this Christmas too
      we will eat, we will drink, we will enjoy. to the surface because deeply in the soul is the hell… empty, cold and frozeen
      it is precisely the end of expectations and failures. carpe diem. gaudeamus igitur…

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