A wish for a humane world

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  • A wish for a humane world

    • I wish one day I would wake up when everyone is minding their own business,
      Being determined with profit not loss,
      Engaged in their lives rather than their minded wives,

      God,give me the serenity to accept what can’t be changed,
      Courage to change what can be changed,
      And wisdom to distinguish one from the other.
      I wish I had the power to change some people’s minds,
      Their thoughts filling them with positive vibes full of love and humanity

      This cold cruel world is full of pretenders,yet they claim to be friends,
      Enemies have now become ‘good friends’while friends have become our greatest enemies.
      Some true friends are more compassionate and caring than relatives.
      Trust and honesty has been lost ,just because of lying tongues.
      Fake promises everywhere, preaching water while drinking wine,
      Forgetting that a promise is always a debt.

      It hurts and sucks…

      When fake friends rejoice of our failures,
      When people talk behind each other’s backs,
      When innocent people are murdered,
      When friends give more support than relatives,
      When innocent young girls and boys are raped and sodomized,

      It hurts when people talk ill of others,
      It really saddens me, when humbled souls die of hunger while those responsible put relief foods and donations in their pockets,
      When poor people shed tears because of corruption, tribalism and nepotism
      When there’s injustice in courts,
      Hypocrites are even hidden in worship places.
      Others are faking papers to get jobs and land
      Some students are even cheating in examinations.

      Life indeed is unfair and fucking,
      I wish one day stars will align in favour of the poor,those losing hope,seeking justice,
      Because of mistreatment and neglect.
      Nowadays, good things happen to bad people while bad things happen to good ones.
      Why?Why does it happen like this?

      I wish everyone had the spirit of humanity
      I wish corrupt people cared for the poor ,but no one cares.
      I wish they would be good humans
      I wish they tried to wear into everyone’s shoe,
      Above all,if everyone worshipped the Almighty only,the Earth would have been a better planet to be.

      I wish everyone loved each other like brothers and sisters,
      Ready to give an ear to dying souls.
      Pride has made people loose humility.
      Relationships are no longer growing because of a three letter word ‘EGO’
      Young people are nursing heartbreaks, because of pride, jealousy and unfaithfulness
      Others have haters,some stressed and depressed because of inhumanity
      Shifting blames to others just because they can’t accept their own mistakes.

      I hope one day I will wake and find a different world.
      A world where people will stop talking and focus on building their own selves.
      A world where peace and love will be the only language spoken.
      A world where broken souls will get healing.
      A world where everyone will take care of each other,treating them the way they would wish to be treated.
      A world where people will eat only from their sweat.
      A world where justice will prevail,
      Where elections will be transparent,free and fair.

      This is the kind of world I wish to live in one day,
      And if I won’t be there,at least I leave a better place for the next generations.

      For this  world we are living in is different.
      I beg to rest my pen because the script is full of tears,
      Tears of a dying wish,yet full of Hope.
      The wish for a better world,
      For the future is spotless.

      Tracy Agani
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