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  • a smart aleck

    • Once there was a thoughtful lick
      That wanted to be smart and slick
      The lick rolled on the poetic tongue
      To be lyrical in an adventure sung

      First the lick tried with a hot pin
      A goth tattooed her dimpled chin
      Then to cool the echoing steam
      Let me be the taste of ice cream

      Next the lick by the dog did find
      A stick playfully tossed behind
      And of course a lick in passing
      As the cat smirked by sassing

      Quick lick of milk by a mother
      A phoooo phoooo on the lather
      A header a lick of blood dirt fear
      As a goalie kicked the ball to clear

      As the day ended the smart aleck asked
      A metaphysical question to be unmasked
      In my next cycle after a flick like this
      Will I be that sniff or smile or a trench kiss

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