A Poem is Not always Created

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  • A Poem is Not always Created

    • A poem is not always created
      Sometimes it creates you

      To inscribe the hue and kind of elongated square
      In a pattern that
      The consciousness be

      Was not a going
      But a coming to self

      Once in a while
      Children, fight..
      Adults don’t fight- they allow themselves an unreleased childhood

      Peace transcends understanding

      The Christ consciousness
      That allowed itself, by adult-children, to be crucified

      On some leaves, there are poems
      They create you

      Unction-waters are drunk from these leaves
      That he watered with some words, some silences and few glimpses of similarity

      Our drawings will always be different
      But meet in the soil
      We know we should not crucify The Just!

      A resurrection from a Word
      An isolated word

      Hold the pure
      Let the measures of purity be

      Isha Upanishad says:
      Even if the whole is taken from the whole, the whole remains whole

      Give away Wholeness
      To the part able to absorb the leaf’s moisture in drink

      Peace passeth understanding, always!

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