A phase from sunset till sunrise

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  • A phase from sunset till sunrise

    • Every night when i crawl in my bed
      sleep is what i want,
      but there’s a turmoil in my head..

      it hurts a little as my eyes turn red
      practically i am awake,
      but my body is long dead..

      river of thoughts drifting with the flow,
      they are constantly moving fast and slow..

      i dont know if my mind is a friend or a foe,
      when it asks me to sleep i bluntly say no..

      i reckon my insomnia is related to my discomfort or pain,
      i thought about all of it while walking the memory lane..

      sound sleep was like a dream for which i had to sleep,
      it was like climbing a mountain which was impossibly steep..

      as the darkness fade and the morning light fell on my eyes,
      it helped me clear my thoughts, and forget all the cries..

      our own thoughts are responsible,
      for our happiness and doom,
      finally i figured out it was me,
      who always allowed it to bloom..

      from then onwards i became enlightened,
      and wise,
      that was just a phase from the sunset till sunrise..

    • Yours truly ….

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