A person we heartly desire

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  • A person we heartly desire

    • I wish I have someone ,
      Who listens, just listens to my eyes ,
      Because the locks on our tongue ,
      Forcefully make us frame lies ,
      I have a story teller living in my eyes ,
      I wish to have someone like this ,
      While admiring the night skies .

      I need someone to come ,
      And say , “Look in my eyes “,
      Want to say something that makes you shy ,
      I already heard what is making you die .

      Broken is my heart from all the side ,
      There are holes in every corner and ,
      Trillions of feelings and emotions I hide .

      I need someone who wish to peep deep inside ,
      One who cares about me keeping everything else aside ,
      Not someone who wants to look and run away ,
      Coz my heart is as soft just as clay ,
      With someone like this is I want to stay .

      My heart is a house made of mud ,
      I want to go away along with the flood ,
      People are depleting relations
      Depleting relations that are not attached by blood .

      I need someone I want someone
      Who come and say aloud
      You , yes you my dear are unique from the crowd ,
      On listening this I would float on a cloud ,
      Coz I haven’t ever felt this much proud ,

      Dear heart Listen to me ,
      I am happy to look at the sea ,
      The sea of my thoughts ,
      Flooding with the waves ,
      Nothing else is left that I crave ,
      Pains and sorrows all will end ,
      The day I will get such friend ,
      The day I will get such friend .

      Smilepreet kaur
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