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      It’s fine as the atmosphere is telling,
      Every Patriots apprehending
      the notion for political Advent
      taking place in central west,
      An incumbency of historical feeling.

      Here we are,a sovereign nation,
      Birthed out in freedom to an ambition,
      Cuddled with myths of a judicious,
      unequivocal,and sumptous symptoms,
      Yet crawling under shady vision.

      Sixty years of governance,
      Since nineteen sixty’s reminisce,
      Those flying green weening out,
      White mixed with ashes from the south,
      the stand holding is no more affixed.

      It takes two to tango,
      Where are those bulls to tackle?
      Where are those apes to return to the jungle?
      Free us from those shackles
      As twilight of tomorrow.

      Who will feed our infants?aye!
      Feed them with a new pie?
      That won’t turn sour
      On their striken tongue,
      A baker of a better pie.

      by inks

      Apprehending : to notice or understand
      Notion : an idea or opinion
      Advent : arrival
      Incumbency : office or position
      Sovereign:chief,arch,self dependent
      Judicious:showing good judgement
      Sumptous: rich or luxurious
      Affixed:to hold firm
      Twilight:gloom or dusk
      Aye:yes(old English)
      Stricken: afflicted.

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