a gift of humanity

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  • a gift of humanity

    • A gift of humanity
      More powerful than the poison of the invisible enemy is the nectar of the invisible soul
      Look into the mirror of silence and you will get the inspiration to overcome the darkness of the world
      The chain of planets around the earth be the shield of your heart
      Wake up from your dream and visualize the cosmic power of energy to lead you on the right path

      Though the tortoise be slow its nature to withdraw from danger and remain calm inside
      The potential of mankind be to use the intelligence swiftly and decide
      From a caterpillar wings are formed to transform it into a beautiful butterfly
      After birth one must learn to creep before you could walk and discover your relationship with the sky

      The unseen soul can travel as fast as the speed of light
      To go into the deepness of meditation will give you the courage to fight
      Turn the switch to the radiant beam of energy that shields the spirit of the mind
      Only thenwill you dispel the darkness which makes you blind

      The pearls of wisdom I give to you no weapon can destroy on earth
      For the light of the soul shall transcend from heaven you are replica of my birth
      Lift the mantle of sacrifice and cross the mountain to be safe from this poisoned air
      With every breadth you take will emerge another gift for all humanity to share

      sookdeo manansingh
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