A duty to fight

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  • A duty to fight

    • The gift of poetry
      the richness of my heart
      a vision of inspiration
      given by my parents
      before they depart
      to compare myself to Samson
      to have the same accolade of thought
      to withdraw from the fire of temptation
      I shift my focus
      so as not to be caught

      whatever sacrifice it takes
      through the tunnel of the mind
      in pursuit of immortality
      fearless of every challenge
      to which I am bind
      like Gandhi begging for non-violence
      before the queen
      each day I await the fragrance of the flower
      to bring life to my dream

      with the weapon of the pen
      I know how it feels
      to walk in Shapespeare feet
      for the words of wisdom
      I build my castle upon
      no army can defeat
      here upon earth
      I will bring down the stars
      to accomplish the goal
      I surrender my faith
      to earn whatever life has to unfold

      the arrow of patience
      I will remove the mountain
      to touch the sky
      the soul of my ancestors
      exist like the lamps of the candlefly
      the children of tomorrow
      will be awaken
      by the oneness of light
      when they come to realize
      that this world is a battlefield
      and they have
      a duty to fight.

      sookdeo manansingh
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