12th of October 2020

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  • 12th of October 2020

    • When my eyes first laid on you, it was magic,
      that for the first time in a long time I feel euphoric,
      your presence that was so consuming,
      no pain can escape healing.

      Those days when you’ve doubted my feelings,
      that I was never true to you, that I was just faking.
      Those days when my soul longs for its pair,
      when you came by, i felt life’s finally being fair.

      Those days when your words were like candies,
      sweet, dripping, flowing, no one can ever beat.
      Back when your love was so compelling,
      so crazy and so spell-binding.

      Back then your eyes were so bright,
      lovely to see, such a beauty in my sight.
      Your touch were smoking hot,
      that melts away every single thing that I’ve got.

      My brain hurts thinking it can no longer be,
      my heart beats rapid thinking about those days,
      my ground is slowly devouring me,
      the squeezed, crushed, everything’s just creased and frayed,

      Never have I imagined we’d come to this,
      that you and I will feel the draining of a lovers’ bliss.
      Your words just pierced right through,
      Those bright colors suddenly became blue.

      The chances I never get to have
      will forever be my deepest ‘what ifs’
      the hope that I was forced to bury and not ever spoken of,
      the cause of hearts shedding bit by bit.

      So I’m letting you go, the love I’ve prayed for from Him,
      heart’s empty while I’m gently losing my grin.
      To the one I have given all my love to, goodbye.
      I wish you real happiness with her this time.

      This letter serves as my last adieu,
      these last words may you never forget,
      a recollection of who I was to you,
      I one thing I wanted but will never ever get.

      I love you now until I can no more,
      but I’ll stay away to not bother you for sure.
      Now I’ll be gone and you’re free.
      Please take care of yourself for me.

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