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    • Last night, in my dream,
      while i wandering in the wild lands
      and crossing silent shadows,
      i met a word and ask: ‘’What’s your name?
      ‘’My name is love and i’m alone in life,
      i need you, otherwise will be lost the dream’’.
      I answered: ‘’We need you too,
      but we are in pain and scared and don’t admit it.
      Please, lend me your glowing eyes’’.
      ‘’No, no need, you’re in the embrace of light,
      but you’ve forgotten it’’.

      alexis karpouzos
    • He told me a tale of woefulness,
      one upon a time
      the heaven woke up and the silence spoke,
      then came the separation, the agony began,
      the fear and questions came,
      and I wept, tears I had never known before.
      since then the days are falling and abandoned,
      we walk facing the sun
      but the shadow is behind us and follow us.

      alexis karpouzos
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