Reply To: breakdown

Sun’s grace,
Shine on my face.
For I look at you with black shade in my eyes.

Fall among the field,
The grasses lift my body,
For I can’t stand against my own will anymore.

Beavers dam,
Holding back the ocean.
Let go, because you can’t stop the flow of motion over your body.

Inside I’m sewn together in one of those untangleable knots. Stick my emotions to my thigh, and my thoughts to my palm.

Rolling the bike down the hill,
With two arms out.
Evade danger with the fear of confrontation.

Where am I to go wrong?
When am I to go right?

Lift upon my tears, to journey to a new old tomorrow.
What strengthened me before strengthens me now, and belies my weakness.

I do not fear the bubble.
I am the bubble.
And l let myself go.



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