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Date: Nov 4, 2020

Mom and dad
Different sides of a coin
Mom teaches all she knows to her kids
Kids grow they say
Mom u don’t know anything
She left back the time
Never caught with the time
Just running at the back of the kids
How she could learn
The time faded away
Still, she taught all the she knows
To her kids.
Dad taught few to his kids
Kids grow they say
I want to be like my father
He ran with the time
Ran for himself and his kids
How could he not learn
That faded away
He did not miss a chance to prove
He is worthier .
Time passes
Mom passes away like the waves
Dad stays in the heart for ever.
Who is mighter is not the question
As a mom she is just a stand by..
But standing by with her children and husband
Till she fades away.
Sukina claire..

Sukina claire


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